Welcome to Nightly Pour!

I have been thinking about this blog for far too long and so excited to finally welcome you all here!

The love of wine was embedded in me from an early age (thanks fam! 🤗) but it really took hold back in March of 2019.

On this fateful day....

I was sitting at a charming little bar in the Design District of Dallas catching up with an amazing friend. At this time, she was a bartender studying for her Certified Sommelier exam (she will go on to do some really amazing things, but more about her later). I was dissecting the extensive Italian wine list and picking her brain on all the details. She was working at said charming little bar that evening, so I was not only privileged to learn from her, but to taste some really great wines in the process. I was asking how her studying was going and little did I know at the time, setting myself up for quite the journey in doing so.

Being the amazing friend that she is, she turned the tables of the conversation and commended my wine knowledge. Even quizzed me a bit on some of the content she learned from passing her Intro Sommelier exam.

....all while pouring me more and more wine...

Next thing I knew, I had my laptop out and the Court of Master Sommeliers website loaded up. As luck (or maybe it was fate) would have it, there was an intro course and exam available in Houston in June (less than three months from this day).  

Now this is where I remind you that my amazing friend was the bartender.... because I don't know what exactly happened but I clearly lost my mind, caved to peer pressure and registered for the June intro class that very moment!  😲

The panic really set in the next morning though when I saw the 316 page pdf of study materials! 316 pages!!  😱

No doubt this amazing friend of mine received a flurry of frantic texts, very clearly and directly blaming her for this terrible choice I made the night before. For the next three months she would continue to periodically receive those texts and be forced to deal with me showing up at her bar so she could "help me study".

The truth of matter is, I spent more time stress drinking with her than actually studying. 🤣

Three months later....

I guess she was right - I knew more than I though I did.

So this me: an amateur sommelier starting a blog to share my love for wine.

I am an amateur blogger as well, so bear with me if this starts out a bit rough. 😁

I hope you'll follow along as I continue down my wine education journey. I'm looking forward to sharing my winery experiences, news about the industry, fun tips and tools I pick up along the way and I'm sure some cocktail and food fun as well.  🍷🍾

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Nikki Bittner

Nikki Bittner